Slide High resolution printing on vertical surfaces using innovative technology. We will shift your ideas right on the wall.

As a company we believe that the environment around us plays a significant role of life in our daily activities.

At the heart of our practice is the idea that our homes, work environments and public spaces are indicators of our greatest achievements and our hope for a sustainable, successful and fortunate future. We believe that vertical printing and wall design are important and that by applying our skills, passion and hard work we can contribute to the creation of more subtle and inspiring spaces.

The utilization of vertical printing services goes beyond the spaces of homes, offices or public institutions.

Vertical printing can be done virtually anywhere: from garages or industrial areas to shops, hairdressers, boutiques, sports and fitness centers. The abundance of surfaces on which vertical printing is conceivable is almost unlimited. Vertical printing can be done on wood, concrete, plaster, plastic, brick, glass, metal or even ceramic.

vertikalus spausdinimas
vertikalus spausdinimas

We are forming a new standard in the field of wall decoration.

From now on, no discrepancies or solutions that do not meet the quality requirements. For vertical printing, we use an extremely high-quality vertical printer, which ensures the quality of the work performed. The printer uses a special print head to overlay the ink on a vertical surface. The paint is applied to the surface with ultraviolet rays and hardens instantly without leaving any paint odor. The print head performs 2 to 8 movements in a specific area and coats the paint in layers resulting in rich, vibrant colors, shadows, and photo-realistic images.

We offer alternative wall decoration solutions.

In addition to vertical printing on vertical surfaces, we are also engaged in the production and sale of canvases. In the “Canvas” section of the page, we can offer you to choose one or more canvases that would best suit the interior of your premises. In addition, we give customers the opportunity to create their own unique canvas by uploading a drawing, photo or any other graphic element, which we will exclusively make to order.


Information about vertical printing

As vertical printing is a relatively new service not only in the Lithuanian but also in the European market, and people who intend to use this service for the first time could have many questions, we decided to share the answers to the most frequently asked ones.

If you were not lucky enough to find your own question, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail and we will always be ready to answer your questions.

About us


The idea of Veratika was born back in 2020. The vision of the two friends was to spread a positive and happy idea through the prism of simple and quotidian things in a responsible, high-quality and creative way. The formed small team is guided by the principle of high work efficiency and strives for the highest work ethic and service quality.

We founded this company with the belief that we can contribute to a brighter and alluring tomorrow. We believe that the environment in which we spend a lot of time working, studying or relaxing is an important part of our lives. For this reason, our core mission is to give more uniqueness to the environment which could motivate, inspire and empower us to pursue even higher goals. We believe that vertical printing on walls or other surfaces makes our mission meaningful.


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